(12:47:01 AM) You have just entered room "Altered Beast."
(12:47:08 AM) Brodzky Zero has entered the room.
Brodzky Zero (12:47:18 AM): (Is it time to rise from my grave?)
Besyanteo (12:47:33 AM): (Heh. No, but the name is fitting to the events of the plot. :D)
(12:47:38 AM) SongstressEnlil has entered the room.
SongstressEnlil (12:47:44 AM): (<<)
SongstressEnlil (12:47:46 AM): (>>)
Brodzky Zero (12:47:53 AM): (Ahoy :D)
Besyanteo (12:47:56 AM): (... It would figure Shini declines. ... We don't need him though. >.>)
SongstressEnlil (12:47:58 AM): (*Really wants to do this, but may not*)
Besyanteo (12:48:09 AM): (::gets IMed:: ... n/m)
(12:48:21 AM) Vaniyakna has entered the room.
Besyanteo (12:48:26 AM): (aparently invited the wrong account)
Vaniyakna (12:48:26 AM): *Conquers you*
Vaniyakna (12:48:31 AM): ()
Besyanteo (12:48:53 AM): (... and Clark wanted to do this, but he's not entering the room. >.>)
Besyanteo (12:49:06 AM): (We don't -need- James, but it'd be spiffy if he'd get off his ass and come. :{)
SongstressEnlil (12:49:18 AM): (Clark would Lurk the whole time)
Besyanteo (12:49:26 AM): (Point.)
(12:49:36 AM) Vaniyakna has left the room.
(12:49:39 AM) Shinigori has entered the room.
Shinigori (12:49:59 AM): (...)
Besyanteo (12:50:00 AM)
: (I know this is sudden, so I ask before I start: Are you all going to be able to hang around for a few hours?)
Besyanteo (12:50:08 AM): (if not, we can try for tomorrow. >.>)
Shinigori (12:50:20 AM): (I am, jes, though I'll need a break at some point to run out and get more soda and something to eat.)
Besyanteo (12:50:21 AM)
: (around the same time)
Besyanteo (12:50:41 AM): (that's fine, if everyone's ok with it. ... oh, and another option: )
SongstressEnlil (12:50:53 AM): (I should be. BUT. I may get called away for 10 minute increments)
Brodzky Zero (12:50:53 AM): (:D)
Besyanteo (12:51:13 AM): (... wow. and I should not be lagging.)
Besyanteo (12:51:23 AM): (... damn AIM. it ate one of my posts.)
Besyanteo (12:51:42 AM): ("I don't work until 5:15 PM tomorrow. We can continue then if necesary.")
Besyanteo (12:52:00 AM): (now then!)
Besyanteo (12:52:48 AM): ::Tis a fine, warm evening in Doma. The night is clear and a slight breeze blows, making everyhting feel just right. The first stars are coming out, while the sky still has some light in it.::
SongstressEnlil (12:53:07 AM): (*Will hang on as long as possible*)
Besyanteo (12:53:35 AM): ::The JD was busy as ever, despite the constant strange happenings there...::
Besyanteo (12:53:41 AM): (make your entries, pwease.)
Shinigori (12:53:52 AM): (...Wiiiitthh...?)
Brodzky Zero (12:54:00 AM)
: (Kyle?)
Besyanteo (12:54:30 AM): (>.> with PErvy I'd prefer Enlil, Zeor with KYle, and Shini... ... whoever takes your fancy. not many of your characters know Feisal WELL, but several DO know him.)
Besyanteo (12:54:39 AM): Zero*
Shinigori (12:54:43 AM): (Hmmm....)
Shinigori (12:54:55 AM)
: (Yeah, make it hard on me, why dontcha?)
Besyanteo (12:54:59 AM)
: (and to be IC, feel free to use Janda too. >.>)
Shinigori (12:55:08 AM): (Multicharring wai.)
SongstressEnlil (12:55:14 AM)
: *A certain Angel/Second In Command of Kelne's Minions/Wealthy Stockholderess enjoyed a glass of water, while resting from the day*
Shinigori (12:55:43 AM): (Pervy shall tell me if he wants me to use Janda. If not, I'm going to use....Ah, hell.)
Shinigori (12:55:46 AM)
: (I don't know. ;_;)
Brodzky Zero (12:55:58 AM)
: (Kris! :D)!
SongstressEnlil (12:56:02 AM): (Janda)
Besyanteo (12:56:03 AM): (>.> ... Jaeko, Kris... Griff...)
Besyanteo (12:56:06 AM): (Janda...)
Shinigori (12:56:32 AM): (Multi with Janda and another? Or just Janda? Your call, I guess.)
Besyanteo (12:56:41 AM)
: (Janda alone is fine. >.>)
Shinigori (12:57:03 AM): (It shall be done.)
Besyanteo (12:57:35 AM)
: (... ah crap. I forgot a bit of intro. ... feel free to keep going while I make up for it. 9.9;)
Brodzky Zero (12:58:15 AM): *Everyones favorite Fencer, Gecko-jin, and all around spiffy guy enters the JD, holding the crazy large book of White magic :D!*
Shinigori (12:58:28 AM): *And a certain wai-wai-chibi angel wanders into the JD, possibly looking for her mother, possibly looking for a plushie. WHO KNOWS?!*
SongstressEnlil (12:58:36 AM)
: <.<
Brodzky Zero (12:58:39 AM): (WHO KNOWS? SHES A CHIBI!)
SongstressEnlil (12:58:50 AM): *Smiles at Kyle, then at Janda as they enter*
Brodzky Zero (12:58:58 AM): *Waves a bit* Hiya ^_^
Besyanteo (12:59:01 AM): ::While it's not irregular for Feisal to disappear from time to time, Thhose who he frequented knew he'd been missing for some time. Neigh on a month now...::
SongstressEnlil (12:59:14 AM): Hello Kyle.
Brodzky Zero (12:59:39 AM): *It totally lands on his table*
SongstressEnlil (12:59:44 AM): I see you've finally found him again ^^
Besyanteo (12:59:51 AM): (was wondering if that damn bird had gone and died. >.>)
Brodzky Zero (1:00:03 AM): *Nods* ^_^; He's been all over, It seems.
Shinigori (1:00:13 AM): ...<.< I-i-its on-on-one of th-th-those b-b-birds...^^;
SongstressEnlil (1:00:19 AM)
: I've seen him here and again.
Brodzky Zero (1:01:17 AM): *Steps over to his table and sets the book down*
SongstressEnlil (1:01:44 AM): How are you tonight, dear? Done with your friends for the evening?
Shinigori (1:02:36 AM): I'm t-t-t-taking a l-l-little b-break fr-from pl-playing f-f-for a wh-while. ^^;
SongstressEnlil (1:03:19 AM)
: Anything on you mind?
Shinigori (1:03:37 AM): (Janda: Yeah, one of these days, I'm going to teach you proper common.)
Brodzky Zero (1:03:47 AM)
: *Flips through a few pages, and sets to reading*
SongstressEnlil (1:03:55 AM): +r
Brodzky Zero (1:03:58 AM): *As Paper is content to hop around the table chirping a bit!*
SongstressEnlil (1:04:32 AM): (What's that? One on one fight with Enachi and Miranda?)
SongstressEnlil (1:04:40 AM): IM: Strange...
Brodzky Zero (1:04:43 AM): *Nods a bit to Paper, smiling*
SongstressEnlil (1:04:51 AM): ...
SongstressEnlil (1:05:04 AM): *Shakes her head a bit*
SongstressEnlil (1:05:17 AM): IM: Is this what Kelne calls Impending Doom?
Brodzky Zero (1:05:40 AM): *To Paper* Yes, I know its not that fun to read, but it will pay off in a grand way...
Shinigori (1:05:40 AM): N-no...J-j-just r-r-resting a b-bit...T-t-tag t-takes it o-out of y-you...^^;;
SongstressEnlil (1:05:48 AM)
: *Has a sip of her drink, and tries to clear the feeling*
SongstressEnlil (1:06:07 AM): I understand. *Smiles*
Brodzky Zero (1:06:29 AM): *..Chirps a bit, in an ever so slightly disturbed tone*
(1:06:41 AM) NYClark2 has entered the room.
Brodzky Zero (1:06:51 AM): ...Yes, I know that thats a great book. I dont think any of the libraries around here have it.
Brodzky Zero (1:06:53 AM): (HOLY FUCK)
Brodzky Zero (1:06:59 AM): (Crazy ass bug!)
Besyanteo (1:07:00 AM): (well, just in time. :D James should go to the JD. >.>)
NYClark2 (1:07:06 AM): ( Someone rises from thier grave, now )
Brodzky Zero (1:07:39 AM): (Cockroach in my room o_o;; )
Shinigori (1:07:56 AM): .....>.>;; <.<;;
Shinigori (1:08:04 AM)
: *Inches closer to her mother. MUCH closer*
Brodzky Zero (1:08:10 AM)
: Paper, there is no need to be upset o_o;
Besyanteo (1:08:11 AM): (evening, the sun is still going down, and it's a very nice day. :D ... now GO IC or lurk Clark.)
SongstressEnlil (1:08:17 AM): Are you alright?
SongstressEnlil (1:08:25 AM): (There's a difference?)
Shinigori (1:08:41 AM): ....Uh...Y-yes...j-j-just g-g-g-got a b-b-bad f-f-feeling...<.<;;
SongstressEnlil (1:08:52 AM)
: ...You, too.
Shinigori (1:09:20 AM): ...Y-y-you g-g-got a b-bad f-f-feeling, t-too?
SongstressEnlil (1:09:48 AM)
: *Nods*
Shinigori (1:10:12 AM): .....Wh-wh-whats g-g-going on...? *worried*
Besyanteo (1:10:18 AM)
: (... I have reason outside the chat to believe Clark isn't going IC. >.> so.... )
SongstressEnlil (1:10:27 AM): It's no coincidence, I feel.
Brodzky Zero (1:10:41 AM): *Turns the page, and reads, squinting a bit*
SongstressEnlil (1:10:47 AM): I'm not sure, shall we go look, dear?
Besyanteo (1:11:10 AM): ::suddenly, they all heard screams of terror from outside::
Shinigori (1:11:14 AM): ...O_O;;
Shinigori (1:11:19 AM)
: *GLOMP* >.<;;
Brodzky Zero (1:11:21 AM)
: !
Brodzky Zero (1:11:35 AM): *Hops onto Kyle's head! Battle Stance!*
SongstressEnlil (1:12:00 AM): *Hugs* Let's go. You may need to help me treat someone.
SongstressEnlil (1:12:11 AM): *Makes her way out*
Brodzky Zero (1:12:13 AM): *Stands, and rushes outside*
Besyanteo (1:12:17 AM): ::whatever it is, it's not far away. as there's no explosions yet, it might be one of Doma's better 'incidents'::
Shinigori (1:12:35 AM): *Follows!*
Brodzky Zero (1:12:39 AM)
: <_< >_>
Shinigori (1:12:51 AM): *Staying DAMNED close to her 'mother'*
Besyanteo (1:12:59 AM)
: ::people are lfeeing in all directions! headed away from somethign down the street!::
SongstressEnlil (1:13:18 AM): *Walks that way, astrally scanning.*
Brodzky Zero (1:13:26 AM): ...*Heads towards the epicentre of chaos!*
Besyanteo (1:13:42 AM): ::Enlil sees a world of black through her astral sight. Something is very wrong over there.::
Shinigori (1:14:03 AM): (...Right.)
Brodzky Zero (1:14:11 AM)
: *Run run run, dodge NPC, run run*
Shinigori (1:14:12 AM): (Mind if we take that quick break here for soda and such? >.>;;)
SongstressEnlil (1:14:12 AM)
: IM: Gods... If that is Kamos, I swear I am sealing him.
Shinigori (1:14:19 AM): (.....)
SongstressEnlil (1:14:27 AM)
: *Heads onwards*
Besyanteo (1:14:27 AM): (>.> ... make it quick. >:{)
Brodzky Zero (1:14:42 AM): (I need to use the restroom and grab snack :D BRB LOLZ)
Shinigori (1:14:43 AM): (As quick as possible.)
Besyanteo (1:14:47 AM)
: (::weilds der BROOM.::)
NYClark2 (1:15:20 AM): ::James happened to be on his way home from work, when he heard said scream:: IM: Overtime... ::and so he makes his way towards the source of the trouble, weaving his way through the crowd::
Besyanteo (1:15:23 AM): (in the mean time, as I usually do, I spoke too soon for Clark. make your intro now if you want. >.>)
Besyanteo (1:15:27 AM): (... like so. :D)
Besyanteo (1:15:37 AM): (and we waits for Shini, yes.)
Shinigori (1:15:39 AM): (*Fwips to go to the store*)
Besyanteo (1:15:44 AM)
: (...)
SongstressEnlil (1:15:58 AM): (It's across the street from him)
Besyanteo (1:15:59 AM): (<.< that had better be a joke.)
Besyanteo (1:16:02 AM): (... ah.)
SongstressEnlil (1:16:16 AM): (He'll be back before Clark can make another IC post)
NYClark2 (1:16:44 AM): ( There is no reason for me to do so though )
NYClark2 (1:16:55 AM): ( Since things seem to be paused )
Besyanteo (1:17:02 AM): (indeed. >.>)
NYClark2 (1:17:53 AM): ( But maybe, I don't know... perhaps I should not have entered... is that what you are trying to tell me La captain? )
Besyanteo (1:18:04 AM): (... both of you, stop.)
Besyanteo (1:18:21 AM): (Clark, don't be so sensitive. Pervy, lay off.)
SongstressEnlil (1:18:43 AM): (*Stops* Aye aye, Sir)
Besyanteo (1:23:31 AM): (...Shini has two minutes before he owes me a soda next tiem we meet.)
Shinigori (1:24:25 AM): (Whoocha.)
Besyanteo (1:24:30 AM)
: (just made it)
NYClark2 (1:24:52 AM): ( Welcome back, Dad )
Shinigori (1:25:06 AM): (Jason should turn his radio onto 99.1 HFS so he can see why I dispise TranceMissions :D)
Besyanteo (1:25:32 AM)
: ::Shadow energy flies about everywhere, most probably the trigger to those forboding feelings... and at the center of the chaos, where the light of the sunset disappears stands...::
Besyanteo (1:25:52 AM): ::Feisal. The size of a large dog, stumbling about in a daze.::
SongstressEnlil (1:26:00 AM): ...
SongstressEnlil (1:26:03 AM): *Blinks*
Brodzky Zero (1:26:06 AM): o_o??
Besyanteo (1:26:15 AM): :: plus a lump in the middle of his back::
SongstressEnlil (1:26:15 AM): IM: Well, at least it isn't Kamos...
SongstressEnlil (1:26:31 AM): T2Feisal: Are you alright?
Besyanteo (1:26:41 AM): ::which is moving, as though he has a snake under his skin::
Brodzky Zero (1:26:48 AM): *Leaps off of Kyle's head and flutters towards the Feisal!*
Shinigori (1:26:49 AM): ...Uh...M-mommy......*Cowering like all hell, Enlil would know she's not commonly refered to as "Mommy" AT ALL.*
Shinigori (1:26:59 AM)
: *Keeping her distance*
Brodzky Zero (1:27:05 AM)
: *Follows the birdito!*
NYClark2 (1:27:07 AM): IM: Is that Feisal? ::Stands there in shock::
SongstressEnlil (1:27:19 AM): It's a friend of mine.
Besyanteo (1:27:43 AM): t2Enlil: ::while the words "nice lady" were, in there somewhere, it was bogged down by sounds she'd liekly never heard before, and made him almost unintelligible::
SongstressEnlil (1:28:10 AM): IM: What?
SongstressEnlil (1:28:31 AM): *Walks toward him, a bit carefully, giving Feisal some astral scans*
Besyanteo (1:28:31 AM): ... ::he groaned audible to all, and pitched forward, so he only stood on his hind legs,, and lay on his chest::
NYClark2 (1:28:32 AM): ( I don't think James ever saw Feisal sized differently from normal... but I don't remember... )
Brodzky Zero (1:28:37 AM): *Chirps in a friendly, yet concerned manner at the Miniature Atma!*
Shinigori (1:28:57 AM): ....M-mother....*Worried, keeping pace behind Enlil*
SongstressEnlil (1:29:08 AM)
: That is Feisal, he's an astral beast. I think he may be sick...
Besyanteo (1:29:11 AM): ::Enlil had no time to scan properly, as a blast of energy slapped them all, accompained by a loud tearing sound::
Brodzky Zero (1:29:40 AM): >_< CHIRPOLA!
Brodzky Zero (1:29:50 AM): >_< Ack!
Shinigori (1:29:55 AM): *Shreiks*
NYClark2 (1:30:06 AM)
: ::Stumbles back:: >_o urgh...
SongstressEnlil (1:30:09 AM): Ahhhh!
Besyanteo (1:30:17 AM): ::the sound echoed away, as a large hole had appeared in Feisal's back where the bump had been. Inside is, aparently, nothing. Just a black hole.::
SongstressEnlil (1:30:26 AM): ...
SongstressEnlil (1:30:29 AM): O.o;
Besyanteo (1:30:30 AM): ::the air became very cold...::
Brodzky Zero (1:30:33 AM): o_o
SongstressEnlil (1:30:40 AM): *Looks at it Astrally* Keep back!
Brodzky Zero (1:30:53 AM): *Blinks* ...Is he alright? *Hops back*
Besyanteo (1:31:06 AM): ::Enlil sees two burning red points glaring at her from the hole.::
SongstressEnlil (1:31:10 AM): I...don't know...
SongstressEnlil (1:31:26 AM): *Directs her scan to guess what those points are*
Shinigori (1:31:26 AM): M-mother...Wh-wh-whats g-g-going on...? I'm sc-scared.... >.<;;
Besyanteo (1:31:33 AM)
: ::and they all see an arm slide out of it. followed by another.::
Brodzky Zero (1:31:37 AM): *Flutters onto Kyle's head, and takes his BATTLE STANCE!*
SongstressEnlil (1:31:41 AM): Stay behind me, Janda...
Shinigori (1:31:53 AM): *Does so*
Brodzky Zero (1:31:54 AM)
: ...IM: This is not good at all, I imagine >_<
SongstressEnlil (1:32:24 AM): *::Presently checking the thing's aura to see if it is an animal, a construct, a sentient thinking creature, or other*
Besyanteo (1:32:31 AM): ::finally, a torso pulled itself out of Feisal's back, head crowned with nine twisted horns, eyes burning red like the morning sun::
NYClark2 (1:32:45 AM): IM: So much for another routine day...
Besyanteo (1:33:09 AM): ::most definitely a construct, it's form seems to wavers in the wind slightly , as though it were not solid.::
Shinigori (1:33:19 AM): *Looks at the thing, and tries DAMNED hard not to scream...Although she does anyway!*
Brodzky Zero (1:33:30 AM)
: *Looks at the thing, trying to determine what it could be*
Besyanteo (1:33:43 AM): ::Feisal stood again, though his head hung, as though dead orunconcious.::
Brodzky Zero (1:33:47 AM): *Still in his BATTLE STANCE!..More or less ducking, covering himself with his wings*
SongstressEnlil (1:33:49 AM): *Trying to understand it better* It's a construct, I don't think its sentient...
SongstressEnlil (1:33:54 AM): *it's
SongstressEnlil (1:34:11 AM): *Trying very hard to fight her urge to reach for Maru*
Besyanteo (1:34:20 AM): ::it looks over them all...::
SongstressEnlil (1:34:25 AM): (*Stifles OOC Comment from hell*)
Shinigori (1:34:25 AM): *Trying very hard to fight her urge to glomp Enlils leg*
SongstressEnlil (1:34:42 AM)
: *Gently* Who are you?
Besyanteo (1:34:48 AM): (yes, I know, cheesy. It has to do with a veeery cheesy villian. >.>)
NYClark2 (1:34:50 AM): ::Makes his way over to the source of that scream::
Brodzky Zero (1:34:55 AM): IM: What in the hell is happening?
SongstressEnlil (1:35:24 AM): (Dun worry. It's groovy enough due to intro)
Besyanteo (1:35:32 AM): (heh)
Shinigori (1:35:40 AM): (>.>)
Shinigori (1:35:51 AM)
: (Just as it's not that one guy you told me about, Jason.)
*OnlineHost* (1:36:00 AM)
: Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Shinigori (1:36:08 AM): (If any of my characters meet that guy, he's going to get a nice punch to the nose :D)
Brodzky Zero (1:36:11 AM)
: IM: Is that some sort of demon?...
Besyanteo (1:36:49 AM): ::the creature's eyes opened wide, and a blast of darkness shot from where it's mouth should lie. It flew by Enlil, leaving a creater in the street. Creepily enough, all this was silent.::
Besyanteo (1:37:05 AM): ::as a matter of fact, aside from the noises they made, there was no sound. at all.::
SongstressEnlil (1:37:10 AM): *Maru is in her hands in an eyeblink*
Shinigori (1:37:16 AM): IM:...Did you just try to hurt Mother..? oVO
Brodzky Zero (1:37:18 AM)
: *Draws El Zero!*
SongstressEnlil (1:37:21 AM): What are you? What do you want?
NYClark2 (1:37:22 AM): ...
Brodzky Zero (1:37:26 AM): *Taking a defensive stance*
Shinigori (1:37:37 AM): *Can't remember she has anything to draw! So she stands there looking cute!*
Besyanteo (1:37:38 AM)
: ... ::a rumbling issued from the beast...::
Besyanteo (1:37:57 AM): Feisal
Besyanteo (1:38:02 AM): (... damn, ignore that)
Brodzky Zero (1:38:04 AM): (Janda: *Draws a...kitty :D!*)
Shinigori (1:38:27 AM): (Janda: I dr-dr-drew it f-f-for y-you, m-mother! ^^;;)
SongstressEnlil (1:38:32 AM)
: Why?
Besyanteo (1:38:37 AM): Feisal's Voice, meshed with something more Demonic: .... D-E-A-T-H.
Shinigori (1:38:41 AM): (Evil Janda: NOW PUT IT ON THE DAMNED FRIDGE eVe)
Besyanteo (1:38:42 AM)
Besyanteo (1:38:45 AM): (*
SongstressEnlil (1:38:49 AM): (Sorry)
Besyanteo (1:38:58 AM): (::kicks his evil keyboard::)
SongstressEnlil (1:38:59 AM): (Fighting the cat, Ironically)
SongstressEnlil (1:39:07 AM): (*SCRATCHES*)
Besyanteo (1:39:08 AM): (... that would explain. O.o;)
NYClark2 (1:39:27 AM): ::Draws his rapier:: IM: That came close to hitting Janda...
Besyanteo (1:39:36 AM): (roll init. >.>)
*OnlineHost* (1:39:44 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 4
*OnlineHost* (1:39:47 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Brodzky Zero (1:39:54 AM): (How big is this thing?)
*OnlineHost* (1:39:55 AM): Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Shinigori (1:39:58 AM): (GODDAMNIT.)
*OnlineHost* (1:40:10 AM)
: Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
*OnlineHost* (1:40:13 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Besyanteo (1:40:14 AM): (... heh.)
Brodzky Zero (1:40:18 AM): (Janda: I am giving it the most hateful soul hug ever e_e )
NYClark2 (1:40:23 AM): ( Window I presume? )
Besyanteo (1:40:34 AM): (no. >.> Freestyle.)
Besyanteo (1:40:39 AM): (I never use window. o.o)
Besyanteo (1:40:50 AM): (so 6=best. 1=worst)
NYClark2 (1:40:58 AM): ( Then why is Dad upset about having a fast chibi? )
Shinigori (1:41:14 AM): (Because she has NO REASON TO DO ANYTHING.)
SongstressEnlil (1:41:17 AM)
: (Because it's not IC for her to act first)
Shinigori (1:41:18 AM): (Wait, I got one.)
Brodzky Zero (1:41:21 AM)
: (Because Janda wouldnt ICly rush in)
Shinigori (1:41:22 AM): (Indeed, that too.)
NYClark2 (1:41:32 AM)
: ( Then she quickly does nothing )
Shinigori (1:41:41 AM): (No, I got one IC action for her)
Shinigori (1:41:49 AM)
: (Shall I go ahead? :D?)
Besyanteo (1:41:56 AM)
: (indeed.)
Shinigori (1:42:23 AM): ..M-mother...B-be c-c-careful...*Concentrating DAMNED hard on something, and puts her hands together, as if praying*
SongstressEnlil (1:42:51 AM)
: Don't get to close to it. *Lettting Maru guide her into a defensive stance*
Shinigori (1:43:03 AM): E-e-eternal l-l-light, sh-sh-sheild u-us f-f-from ev-evil m-magics th-that w-w-would d-d-do u-us h-h-harm! Sh-Shell! *Opens her hands twards Enlil*
*OnlineHost* (1:43:12 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Shinigori (1:43:21 AM): (...Priam, you son of a bitch.)
NYClark2 (1:43:34 AM)
: ( I think it has to do with the stutter )
Besyanteo (1:43:39 AM): (Janda, James, Kyle, Enlil, -Thing-.)
SongstressEnlil (1:43:52 AM): Clear your mind, dear. Don't cast with fear.
Shinigori (1:44:03 AM): *nods* Y-yes, m-m-mother...
NYClark2 (1:44:41 AM)
: IM: Enlil has a point... ::Sheathes his rapier and readies his blaster::
*OnlineHost* (1:45:11 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
NYClark2 (1:45:49 AM): ::Positioning himself so he can get a better shot, he then lets fly a blast::
Brodzky Zero (1:47:21 AM): IM: ..If its some sort of Demon....I dont know....
Besyanteo (1:47:35 AM): ::the blast slamms into the beast's chest, and creats a swirling hole as it passes straight through! it screams in what seems to be more anger than pain, and curls into itself, regathering the pieces of itself that flew apart,
Besyanteo (1:47:39 AM): floating on in the air...::
SongstressEnlil (1:47:49 AM): Janda, focus on healing Feisal, if you can.
Brodzky Zero (1:47:56 AM): !
Shinigori (1:48:02 AM): ...Yes, m-m-mother.
Shinigori (1:48:04 AM)
: ...
Brodzky Zero (1:48:10 AM)
: IM: I dont think stabbing it is goint to work at all...
Brodzky Zero (1:48:13 AM): IM: But....
NYClark2 (1:48:18 AM): IM: Hmm... was that effective at all? It is difficult to say...
*OnlineHost* (1:48:19 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Brodzky Zero (1:48:55 AM): *Runs to the side of it!*
Shinigori (1:49:02 AM): (Kyle: Time to show what Griffs been helping me with! *Stabola* PALS 4 EVER ^_^)
Besyanteo (1:49:36 AM)
: (Enlil)
Brodzky Zero (1:49:40 AM): (I still want to see Griff and Kyle use 'Fast and Danger' :D)
SongstressEnlil (1:50:41 AM): *Interposes herself between Janda and the thing for now, making certain that it cannot get to her*
SongstressEnlil (1:50:49 AM): *Cover*
Shinigori (1:50:57 AM): (ENLIL IS A PALADIN.)
Besyanteo (1:51:00 AM)
: (prediscussed turn hold over. >.> -Thing-.)
Brodzky Zero (1:51:02 AM): (Basically just them blending their attack styles for a mutual stat boost :D!)
*OnlineHost* (1:51:18 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Shinigori (1:51:32 AM): (Didn't you come up with a better name for it?)
Brodzky Zero (1:51:38 AM)
: (Once Kyle learns some WMagic, he will in essence be an FF style paladin, sans the cover)
Brodzky Zero (1:51:45 AM): (I did, and forgot it)
Shinigori (1:51:54 AM): (Rocken Roll or something, wasn't it?)
Brodzky Zero (1:51:58 AM)
: (Rokenrol)
Besyanteo (1:52:05 AM): ::the creature seemed loathe to move as it regathered it's pieces, but it did manage to retaliate at James, hurling a blast of dark energy at James.::
Brodzky Zero (1:52:06 AM): (^_^)
Besyanteo (1:52:46 AM): (Enlil, or Janda?)
Shinigori (1:53:02 AM): J-James?! >.>;;
Shinigori (1:53:36 AM)
: (If Pervy wants to take a turn now, let him. I don't mind. :D)
Besyanteo (1:54:06 AM)
: (tis why I ask. >.> I will let it wait so long as after James's turn.)
SongstressEnlil (1:54:08 AM): *Once she was sure that Janda would be safe, Enlil lets Maru guide her hand once more..*
NYClark2 (1:54:13 AM): ::Energied:: >_o Cold... ::almost shivering::
*OnlineHost* (1:54:20 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
SongstressEnlil (1:54:46 AM): *Leading her to dance in, and cleave away some of the thing's substance*
Besyanteo (1:55:16 AM): ::it growled viciously, for just as some of his body reformed, she cleaved away a bit more!::
Shinigori (1:55:16 AM): (Janda:....M-mother c-c-can d-d-dance, t-t-too? o_O)
NYClark2 (1:55:43 AM)
: I... I'm al... alright....
SongstressEnlil (1:55:47 AM): (Maru: I can lead beautifully ^_^)
Brodzky Zero (1:55:58 AM): (Kyle: HI MARU, WHATS UP? :D)
Besyanteo (1:56:09 AM): (Janda.)
SongstressEnlil (1:56:18 AM): *Resumes her previous guarding position*
NYClark2 (1:56:47 AM): IM: CPU, current tempurature reading...
Shinigori (1:56:58 AM): *Does as she was told, trying to be a brave little party mascot, and puts her hands together in her casting motion once again, going through her healing chant (Which her RPer can't remember at the moment)*
Shinigori (1:57:10 AM)
: *And opening her hands twards Feisal* H-heal!
*OnlineHost* (1:57:15 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Shinigori (1:57:29 AM): (...............................My kingdom to any man who brings me Priams head.)
SongstressEnlil (1:57:35 AM)
: (Simon: Woah. Deja Vu...)
Besyanteo (1:57:46 AM): (heh)
Besyanteo (1:57:56 AM): (James)
SongstressEnlil (1:57:59 AM): (That mean I get Barius and Vaniyakna?)
NYClark2 (1:58:23 AM): CPU: Tempurature Reading is normal... 98.6 degrees as last set...
NYClark2 (1:58:32 AM): ( He is talking about his part of VA )
Besyanteo (1:58:55 AM): (>.> ... ick. Fairfax isn't worth Priam's head.)
NYClark2 (1:58:59 AM): IM: What? hmm...
Shinigori (1:59:00 AM): (No, it's not.)
NYClark2 (2:00:01 AM)
: ::James does'nt feel so cold anymore anyway...:: IM: Must have already worn off... whatever it was...
SongstressEnlil (2:00:09 AM): (I'd kidnap Priam to get Judo's (BW's Black Clone), tricked out illegal X-Box)
Besyanteo (2:00:32 AM): (>.> ... whee.)
Brodzky Zero (2:00:33 AM): (Tricked out how?)
Brodzky Zero (2:00:38 AM): (Modded to godliness?)
*OnlineHost* (2:00:41 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Besyanteo (2:00:44 AM): (take it to IM please. :{)
Besyanteo (2:02:30 AM): (>.> ... ::looks for better music for this fight scene::)
NYClark2 (2:03:18 AM): ::James turns his attention to Janda:: IM: Should she really stay here? This is dangerous...
SongstressEnlil (2:03:36 AM): (*Playing SSH version of FFIV's Final battle*)
Shinigori (2:03:46 AM): (...Eh?)
Shinigori (2:03:55 AM)
: (...Pervy is to send that to me.)
Besyanteo (2:03:58 AM)
: ( "Those who fight further", Black Mage's collection.)
SongstressEnlil (2:04:03 AM): (Kyle?)
Brodzky Zero (2:04:09 AM): (That radtacular Japanese band site I found on OCR)
Brodzky Zero (2:04:12 AM): (Lemme get the link)
Besyanteo (2:04:22 AM): (and yes, tis Kyle's turn. >.>)
SongstressEnlil (2:04:25 AM): (Gave)
*OnlineHost* (2:04:28 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Brodzky Zero (2:04:55 AM): *Dashes in, and smashes the hell out of it repeatedly with his rapier hilt and knuckle guard!*
NYClark2 (2:05:20 AM): ( Zero Pommel? )
Brodzky Zero (2:05:31 AM): (Nah)
*OnlineHost* (2:05:38 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 4-sided die: 2
Shinigori (2:05:47 AM): (...Jesus...Fucking...Christ...)
Shinigori (2:05:53 AM)
: (What makes me so appealing to talk to?)
Shinigori (2:05:56 AM)
: (Seriously?)
Brodzky Zero (2:06:13 AM)
: (You're winning charm ^_~)
Shinigori (2:06:14 AM): (Why do people who annoy the piss out of me insist on talking to me like I'm their best friend?)
Shinigori (2:06:24 AM)
: (*kicks Nama in the face*)
Besyanteo (2:06:41 AM)
: ::Kyle knocks out small chunks of the beast's mist-like body, though his hand feels as though it just past through sub-zero water. No damage.::
Brodzky Zero (2:06:53 AM): !_! GAH COLD!
NYClark2 (2:06:55 AM): ( Perhaps you should kick nama in the face to his face, instead of behind his back )
Besyanteo (2:06:56 AM): (Enlil)
Shinigori (2:07:08 AM): (Y'see, boy. I try.)
Shinigori (2:07:11 AM)
: (I try, and I try.)
Brodzky Zero (2:07:18 AM)
: (Say "AFK BRB")
Besyanteo (2:07:31 AM): (and put up an "RPing" away message. Lys does it sometimes)
Besyanteo (2:07:43 AM): ("This is ME time! >:{")
SongstressEnlil (2:07:47 AM): *Covers Janda, still*
Shinigori (2:07:56 AM): *Being covered!*
Besyanteo (2:08:04 AM)
: (turn held over again? <.<)
SongstressEnlil (2:08:20 AM): (Yep)
*OnlineHost* (2:08:25 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 4
Besyanteo (2:09:30 AM): ::this time Kyle, closest to the thing, was covered in black for a moment... which felt just exactly like what had happened to his hand, but all over him.::
Besyanteo (2:09:46 AM): ::some pieces of the creature replaced themselves::
NYClark2 (2:09:53 AM): ( That reminds me of CT )
Brodzky Zero (2:10:23 AM): >_<
Brodzky Zero (2:10:27 AM): GAH!!
Besyanteo (2:10:33 AM): (Kyle: ... AH! Announcer: Sierra mist... Yeah, it's kinda like that.)
Brodzky Zero (2:10:34 AM): *Chirps profanities!*
NYClark2 (2:10:37 AM): ( Kyle: ::covered in black for a second, laughs during this for some reason:: )
Shinigori (2:10:42 AM): M-Mr K-K-Kyle, ar-are y-y-you al-alright?!
Brodzky Zero (2:11:05 AM)
: >_< Cold........*shivers a bit*
SongstressEnlil (2:11:08 AM): (Enlil, Jes?)
Besyanteo (2:11:13 AM): (indeed.)
*OnlineHost* (2:11:29 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
NYClark2 (2:11:57 AM): ::May or may not catch some of those profanities::
NYClark2 (2:12:26 AM): Kyle, the feeling will go away soon...
SongstressEnlil (2:12:30 AM): *This time, Enlil leads into a graceful series of slashes, slicing into the construct, then stepping back into a guard position*
Besyanteo (2:12:32 AM): (Feisal: ::wakes up:: ... Enlil? What's "Cockwhore" mean? o.o;)
Brodzky Zero (2:12:35 AM): (he catches a few of the more exotic ones ^_~)
SongstressEnlil (2:13:03 AM): (Enlil: I'll introduce you to one)
NYClark2 (2:13:04 AM): ( I don't like the looks of that wink )
Brodzky Zero (2:13:12 AM): (Paper has been spending some time with some seagulls at the docks :D!)
Besyanteo (2:14:01 AM): ::the slashes leave trails of mist, but the beast seems basically unaffected, as it glares firey death at her from it's crimson orbs::
Besyanteo (2:14:06 AM): (Janda)
NYClark2 (2:14:07 AM): IM: Paper... such language...
Shinigori (2:14:25 AM): Uh...Uhh......!
SongstressEnlil (2:14:37 AM)
: Feisal, Janda.
SongstressEnlil (2:14:45 AM): Just concentrate.
SongstressEnlil (2:15:07 AM): IM: Hmmm...We need a new strategy...
Shinigori (2:15:19 AM): ...Y-yes, m-mother...! *Hands together, concentrating on Feisal, chanting quietly- Hands open twards Feisal* H-h-heal!! >.<;;
*OnlineHost* (2:15:22 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Shinigori (2:15:24 AM): (WOO)
Besyanteo (2:16:01 AM)
: ::the energy that moves from Janda to Feisal is quite visible. The hole in his back seals around the waist of the beast, and his eyes flutter.::
Besyanteo (2:16:08 AM): ::his head does not come up::
Besyanteo (2:16:12 AM): (James)
SongstressEnlil (2:17:08 AM): Well done
SongstressEnlil (2:17:13 AM): *!
*OnlineHost* (2:17:47 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
NYClark2 (2:18:08 AM): Janda, that was great, Fiesal looks much better now...
Besyanteo (2:18:16 AM): (Kyle)
NYClark2 (2:18:20 AM): IM: Aside from the creature sticking out of him...
Shinigori (2:18:25 AM): ...Th-th-thank y-you...^^;;;
Brodzky Zero (2:18:32 AM)
: ...
Brodzky Zero (2:18:38 AM): IM: I am unsure of what to do...
*OnlineHost* (2:18:42 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Besyanteo (2:18:59 AM): (Are ya now? :D)
Brodzky Zero (2:19:04 AM): (Not really :D!)
Shinigori (2:19:04 AM): (You heard the man, Clark.)
Shinigori (2:19:17 AM)
: (Read a book, you illiterate meatball.)
Brodzky Zero (2:19:39 AM)
: (o_o?)
NYClark2 (2:19:43 AM): ( Half of me is offended by that, you racist pricks )
Besyanteo (2:19:51 AM): (... uh?)
Shinigori (2:19:52 AM): (Look at my away message.)
Besyanteo (2:20:08 AM)
: (...)
Brodzky Zero (2:20:15 AM): (Wait, meatball is a racial remark?)
Shinigori (2:20:15 AM): (Clark needs to not take things so seriously :()
Besyanteo (2:20:27 AM)
: (Indeed. >.>)
NYClark2 (2:20:29 AM): ( He does'nt... that's why the other half is laughing )
Besyanteo (2:20:34 AM): (...)
Brodzky Zero (2:20:41 AM): (I did not know that o_o)
Brodzky Zero (2:20:49 AM): (Now I feel bad)
Besyanteo (2:20:55 AM): (::gives Clark a Trowa mask::)
Besyanteo (2:21:12 AM): (IC NOW)
SongstressEnlil (2:21:30 AM): (Zero needs to act)
Brodzky Zero (2:21:34 AM): (The construct is able to firecrackered?)
Shinigori (2:21:43 AM): (There, happy?)
Besyanteo (2:21:50 AM)
: (... explain 'firecrackered'.)
Brodzky Zero (2:22:02 AM): (Having a firecracker tossed at it)
SongstressEnlil (2:22:13 AM): (Try and see :D)
NYClark2 (2:22:44 AM): ( Oh, it can have one tossed at it, question is, will it do anything aside from scare Janda )
Besyanteo (2:22:47 AM): (fire cracker, like, an individual fire cracker that we have, or a cherry bomb?)
Besyanteo (2:23:15 AM): (this is important to the end result of your move. >.>)
Brodzky Zero (2:23:31 AM): (meh)
Brodzky Zero (2:23:43 AM): *Slashes at it!*
NYClark2 (2:23:57 AM): ( aww )
Besyanteo (2:24:10 AM): ::the creature is slashed! more trails, much like the ones Enlil made, are made::
SongstressEnlil (2:24:10 AM): (I've always gotten the feel they were like M-80s)
NYClark2 (2:24:21 AM): ( Those are huge )
NYClark2 (2:24:34 AM): ( They scare cars )
Besyanteo (2:24:40 AM): (>.> ... Kyle passed up the chance for 2x or even 4x damage)
NYClark2 (2:24:53 AM): ( 2x 0? Wow )
Brodzky Zero (2:24:53 AM): (Kyle wouldnt risk hurting anything :D)
Besyanteo (2:25:03 AM): (Enlil)
Shinigori (2:25:06 AM): (He'd scare the poop out of Janda though :( )
Brodzky Zero (2:25:10 AM)
: (That too)
SongstressEnlil (2:25:13 AM): *Covers*
NYClark2 (2:25:32 AM): ( I am frightened by the fact that Dad's statement might be literal )
SongstressEnlil (2:25:35 AM): (Say as before)
SongstressEnlil (2:25:51 AM): (Given angels have fully efficient Digestion...)
Besyanteo (2:25:56 AM): ... ::the creatures rumbles it's discontent... and astral sight or no, they all see energy gathering to the beast. Feisal's eyes close again::
Shinigori (2:26:09 AM): (Clark: Ain't so funny when you know I'm actually willing to RP something like that, is it? >:D)
*OnlineHost* (2:26:15 AM)
: Besyanteo rolled 4 6-sided dice: 1 6 4 6
Besyanteo (2:26:53 AM): ::Janda is fine. Kyle feels a bone chilling draft, and James and Enlil would swear their bodies were frostbitten::
Brodzky Zero (2:27:08 AM): >_< Gah!
SongstressEnlil (2:27:15 AM): IM: So...dark... >_<
SongstressEnlil (2:27:23 AM): *Stumbles for a bit*
NYClark2 (2:27:25 AM): >_< Cold... a....again...
*OnlineHost* (2:27:27 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Shinigori (2:27:42 AM): M-M-mother! J-James! Wh-wh-whats wr-wr-wr-wrong?! *Worried as all hell*
SongstressEnlil (2:27:50 AM)
: *Then lets Maru guide itself towards the eyes*
Shinigori (2:28:11 AM): (Maru: *guides itself twards a bar* Screw this, I'm gonna go hang out with Goel.)
Brodzky Zero (2:28:13 AM)
: CHIRP CHIRPITY CHIRPOLA!! "Kylitos is going to stab you into oblivion, you little bastard!!"
*OnlineHost* (2:28:19 AM): Besyanteo rolled 4 3-sided dice: 3 1 2 2
NYClark2 (2:28:52 AM): ( Chirpola is the best thing that Paper or any white birdy says, ever )
Besyanteo (2:28:53 AM): ::They all hear an ear splitting scream of pain from the beast, horrid to no end. Janda's head aches from it::
SongstressEnlil (2:28:58 AM): (Maru: That blade dishonors us all)
SongstressEnlil (2:29:03 AM): >.<;;;
Brodzky Zero (2:29:04 AM): (I did some research a month or so back, and had specifications of Kyle's firecrackers listed down)
Brodzky Zero (2:29:10 AM): >_<!!
Besyanteo (2:29:20 AM): ::the eyes of the beast have winked out::
SongstressEnlil (2:29:47 AM): IM: Even the unnatural and unsouled feel pain...
Shinigori (2:29:50 AM): *puts a hand to her head* Agh...!
Besyanteo (2:29:55 AM)
: (PC health stands at: Janda-9 James-7 Kyle-8 Enlil-8)
SongstressEnlil (2:30:09 AM): *Draws back, watching*
NYClark2 (2:30:13 AM): IM: So loud...
Besyanteo (2:30:21 AM): (Janda)
Shinigori (2:30:35 AM): Uh...Um...Uhhhh....>.<;;
Shinigori (2:30:51 AM)
: *Hands together, curing incantation, aimed at Feisal* H-H-Heal!
*OnlineHost* (2:30:55 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Shinigori (2:31:05 AM): (Wow. She went from worthless to a little healing machine.)
Besyanteo (2:31:21 AM)
: ::again the effect is quite visible. Feisal's eyes are again open, and now he looks about, dazed, but definitely concious::
Besyanteo (2:31:37 AM): (James)
SongstressEnlil (2:31:51 AM): T2Feisal: Can you hear me?
SongstressEnlil (2:32:08 AM): (The thing is still coming from Feisal's back, jes?)
Besyanteo (2:32:34 AM): T2Enlil: ::the same as last time he tried to talk to her... lots and lots of background noise there. like listening for a song bird in a steel welding factory::
Besyanteo (2:32:46 AM): (yes, from his back)
SongstressEnlil (2:33:00 AM): IM: I don't know if that will help...
SongstressEnlil (2:33:12 AM): Focus on us now, Janda.
Shinigori (2:33:42 AM): ...Y-yes, m-m-mother...
Brodzky Zero (2:33:42 AM)
: (...Atma Weapons theme makes a good battle theme :D!)
Brodzky Zero (2:33:51 AM): (I just now realized this :{ )
Besyanteo (2:33:57 AM): (I changed to that not long ago, when Feisal woke up.)
Shinigori (2:34:02 AM): (I WONDER WHY :{{{)
Besyanteo (2:34:07 AM)
: (=P)
Besyanteo (2:34:22 AM): (piss off the GM not! >:{)
Besyanteo (2:34:27 AM): (silly. :D)
SongstressEnlil (2:34:27 AM): (Brb, Milkshake. Enlil will Guard)
Besyanteo (2:34:32 AM): (noted.)
NYClark2 (2:34:40 AM): IM: CPU, Run a diagnostic of Auditory systems...
Besyanteo (2:34:52 AM): (Enlil covers Janda and takes half damage if/when hit)
Shinigori (2:34:53 AM): (What are you going to do, make my wai-wai-chibi angels life miserable? :D?)
Besyanteo (2:35:01 AM)
: (<.<)
Besyanteo (2:35:24 AM): (Yer lil chibi could find herself unconcious and with no body heat. STFU.)
Shinigori (2:35:41 AM): (Oh, I dare you.)
NYClark2 (2:35:47 AM)
: CPU: Running diagnostic protocol...
Besyanteo (2:35:51 AM): (=P IC before I pimp smack you)
Brodzky Zero (2:35:57 AM): (Yeah, Kyle's firecrackers are about the power of M-80's, only with added sparkles!)
Shinigori (2:35:59 AM): (;_;)
Besyanteo (2:36:24 AM)
: (James's hearing is fine.)
Brodzky Zero (2:36:25 AM): *Readies another attack at the thingy!*
NYClark2 (2:36:31 AM): ( I know )
NYClark2 (2:36:44 AM): ::James hears a series of diagnostic beeps::
Brodzky Zero (2:36:57 AM): >_< IM: That was almost as bad as a shreiking tarantula...
NYClark2 (2:37:10 AM): CPU: Results... optimal...
*OnlineHost* (2:37:53 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Besyanteo (2:37:59 AM): (nice)
Shinigori (2:38:14 AM): (CRITICAL HEARING)
SongstressEnlil (2:38:27 AM)
: (Back)
Besyanteo (2:38:34 AM): (you missed nothing.)
Besyanteo (2:38:59 AM): (except maybe some minor humor on Kyle's part. >.> ... somehow I find the tarantula ref amusing)
NYClark2 (2:39:14 AM): ::James is so happy to hear that, that it almost seems to help his aim, not that it would make the blast he sends any more or less effective than usual::
Brodzky Zero (2:39:29 AM): (Do you even know what its a reference to?)
NYClark2 (2:39:46 AM): ( An arachnid, that shrieks )
Besyanteo (2:39:53 AM): ::this blast flies through where a living person's body might hold a liver. the same effect as last blast::
Besyanteo (2:40:05 AM): (and yes, I know they scream when they get crushed)
Besyanteo (2:40:39 AM): (Kyle)
Brodzky Zero (2:40:41 AM): (No no, its from the Princess Bride. They are briefly mentioned in the description for the Zoo of Death :D)
*OnlineHost* (2:40:43 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Brodzky Zero (2:41:03 AM): *Waits for an opening!*
Besyanteo (2:41:10 AM): (Enlil)
SongstressEnlil (2:41:40 AM): *Guards*
*OnlineHost* (2:42:02 AM): Besyanteo rolled 6 6-sided dice: 4 3 1 6 4 1
*OnlineHost* (2:42:11 AM): Besyanteo rolled 4 6-sided dice: 5 6 4 2
Besyanteo (2:43:02 AM): ::the beast, blind, sends out dark energy at random! Janda James, Enlil, and the beast itself are hit::
Besyanteo (2:43:14 AM): (those in order of the second roll, which was for damage)
*OnlineHost* (2:43:42 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
SongstressEnlil (2:43:43 AM): >.<;;
Shinigori (2:43:49 AM): (OW.)
SongstressEnlil (2:43:51 AM)
: *Trying not to scream*
Besyanteo (2:43:59 AM): ::and Feisal's tail crackles with a very different energy::
Brodzky Zero (2:44:05 AM): IM: Gah! We need to figure out how to stop it!
Shinigori (2:44:15 AM): *Trying to be brave like mommy. However, it's not working ;_;*
NYClark2 (2:44:30 AM)
: ::Quite blasted:: >_< Urgh... ::Tries not to fall to one knee::
Brodzky Zero (2:44:34 AM): Chirpity "Maybe dousing it with some water?"
Besyanteo (2:44:40 AM): ::he stabs the tip into the creature, which screams like a banshee as the light races through it's damaged body::
Besyanteo (2:45:00 AM): (Janda)
SongstressEnlil (2:45:20 AM): (No Enlil?(
Besyanteo (2:45:34 AM): (... >.> you said Guard, not cover.)
Shinigori (2:45:36 AM): *Also blasted pretty bad, screaming and wiping tears from her eyes* M-mother...*Looks through the tears to see who needs use of her curing abilities)
Shinigori (2:45:38 AM)
: *
Besyanteo (2:45:43 AM)
: (... that's right! half damage to her too.)
Besyanteo (2:45:53 AM): (... which rounded makes 0.)
Besyanteo (2:46:16 AM): (Janda-7 James-5 Kyle-8 Enlil-8)
NYClark2 (2:46:42 AM): ::James fails at trying to remain standing, and falls to one knee::
Besyanteo (2:46:53 AM): (and Feisal's health would be hard to determine by looking.)
NYClark2 (2:46:58 AM): IM: CPU, status...
SongstressEnlil (2:47:15 AM): Deal with James, Janda.
Shinigori (2:47:17 AM): (So, whos turn is it? I really don't care if Pervy has a turn.)
SongstressEnlil (2:47:25 AM)
: (Meant Cover, but no worries)
NYClark2 (2:47:28 AM): CPU: Functionality is at 50%...
Besyanteo (2:47:40 AM): (I'll remember that next time. Janda.)
Shinigori (2:47:49 AM): I w-w-was ab-about t-t-to...*Hands together- Chant- Opens hands twards James-* H-H-heal!
*OnlineHost* (2:47:53 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Shinigori (2:47:57 AM): (HEALING MACHINE WAI)
NYClark2 (2:48:06 AM)
Besyanteo (2:48:11 AM): (+2 hp)
Shinigori (2:48:14 AM): (Mine was cuter.)
Besyanteo (2:48:33 AM)
: (James)
NYClark2 (2:49:07 AM): CPU: Recalculating...
NYClark2 (2:49:40 AM): CPU: Functionality is at 70%... checking for errors in diagnostic protocols...
NYClark2 (2:50:08 AM): IM: ...there won't be any...
Shinigori (2:50:22 AM): (Wow. The Chaos locking Janda in her current form is probably less complicated then James CPU :{{)
Besyanteo (2:50:37 AM)
: (>.> whee.)
Shinigori (2:50:48 AM): (Except not.)
*OnlineHost* (2:50:52 AM)
: NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
NYClark2 (2:51:07 AM): ::Gets to his feet again:: Thank you Janda...
Besyanteo (2:51:23 AM): (James's CPU is probably a combination CPU/hard drive with terrabytes of complex programming. >.> ... ::shrug::)
Shinigori (2:51:40 AM): (It's probably something Walter stole out of a Nintendo.)
NYClark2 (2:51:43 AM)
: ( I just like how the healing kind of fucked with the CPU, CPU: 50%... wait WTF? 70%? Hold on a second... )
Besyanteo (2:52:09 AM): (Kyle)
*OnlineHost* (2:52:43 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Shinigori (2:52:50 AM): (James: >.> <.< *plays solitaire on himself*)
Besyanteo (2:52:55 AM)
: (... XD)
Brodzky Zero (2:53:14 AM): (Walter liked Nintendo a lot as a child. Thus why James is Megaman)
NYClark2 (2:53:21 AM): ( Kyle now, right? )
Besyanteo (2:53:25 AM): (yes)
Brodzky Zero (2:53:31 AM): *Cant seem to find an opening! Is an idiot!*
Besyanteo (2:53:34 AM): (... wait. ::icks brain::)
Besyanteo (2:53:39 AM): (Enlil)
SongstressEnlil (2:53:53 AM): *Covers Janda*
*OnlineHost* (2:54:03 AM): Besyanteo rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 5
NYClark2 (2:54:06 AM): ( Hmm... the scrolling stopped... I hate that )
Besyanteo (2:54:25 AM): ::one bolt of energy flies from the beast's left hand, while it tries to reform it's face...::
Besyanteo (2:54:36 AM): ::it swirls lazily along... behind enlil...::
Shinigori (2:54:47 AM): (Griff needs to see James in all his armor at some point, so he can make a comment about how its underwear, THEN pants.)
Besyanteo (2:54:53 AM)
: ::and then ROCKETS for the Chibi Angel::
Brodzky Zero (2:55:09 AM): (James's armor =/= underwearish)
NYClark2 (2:55:12 AM): ( For the 50th time... it looks like he is wearing shorts )
Besyanteo (2:55:43 AM): (...Shini. Focus on your freezing cold magic stabbed chibi please.)
Besyanteo (2:56:04 AM): (also:)
*OnlineHost* (2:56:16 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
NYClark2 (2:56:17 AM): ( Enlil: oops... )
Shinigori (2:56:26 AM): *Stabbed, screams, falling over and wrapping her wings and arms around her self* C-c-c-cc-c-c-c-c-c-cc.....
Besyanteo (2:56:32 AM)
: (... I forgot to calculate the counter. >.> scratch that Shini. ^^;)
Brodzky Zero (2:56:40 AM): (Dude. Stutter + Shiver o_o;; )
Brodzky Zero (2:57:00 AM): (She will end up straining her jaw :{ )
Shinigori (2:57:00 AM): (And here I thought I was about to have fun watching James and Enlil freak out :{{{)
Besyanteo (2:57:04 AM)
: (::pushes the char control button:: sorry. one sec. 9.9;)
Brodzky Zero (2:57:20 AM): (Kyle would freak out too, ya know :{ )_
NYClark2 (2:57:34 AM): ( And for all you know... they just might anyway... )
SongstressEnlil (2:57:37 AM): Janda!
Besyanteo (2:57:47 AM): ::Not only does Enlil successfullly guard Janda, but Maru actually guides her to smash the blast away, much like a baseball player would with a bat::
SongstressEnlil (2:57:51 AM): (*Was distracted!*)
Besyanteo (2:57:59 AM): (::was stupid:: we're even)
SongstressEnlil (2:58:28 AM): IM: Thank you, Maru. *seems a bit relieved*
NYClark2 (2:58:33 AM): ( "Baseball": ::Breaks a nearby window:: )
Besyanteo (2:58:55 AM): (House with said window: .... *crumble!*)
Shinigori (2:59:01 AM): *Saw it coming, and saw Enlil knock it away*...Th-th-thank y-you, m-m-mother...
*OnlineHost* (2:59:12 AM)
: Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 4
SongstressEnlil (2:59:13 AM): (Kamos: OH MY HOUSE! ;_;)
Besyanteo (2:59:19 AM): (XD)
NYClark2 (2:59:22 AM): IM: Thank goodness...
SongstressEnlil (2:59:36 AM): Don't worry, Janda.
Besyanteo (2:59:37 AM): ::Feisal growls drowsily as he stabs the evil aparaition again::
Besyanteo (3:00:02 AM): ::while it's eyes reappear, there are several large holes in the stomach section::
SongstressEnlil (3:00:33 AM): Aim for it's eyes!
SongstressEnlil (3:00:36 AM): *Its
Brodzky Zero (3:01:15 AM): *nods, and takes a stance!*
SongstressEnlil (3:01:54 AM): (Turn = ?)
NYClark2 (3:01:57 AM): ( Question... since Enlil's Cover was put into use, does that mean that the turn was actually used? )
Besyanteo (3:02:04 AM): (... X.X sorry. Janda)
SongstressEnlil (3:02:06 AM): (Probably)
Besyanteo (3:02:09 AM): (or Enlil)
SongstressEnlil (3:02:17 AM): (Okay then)
SongstressEnlil (3:02:42 AM): *Seeks a path to the eyes...*
*OnlineHost* (3:02:43 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
SongstressEnlil (3:02:54 AM): *And finds one not, keeping back*
Besyanteo (3:03:24 AM): ::the thing's finger tips seem to elongate... becoming blade-like::
Brodzky Zero (3:03:34 AM): .....
Besyanteo (3:03:45 AM): (Janda)
NYClark2 (3:04:01 AM): IM: The eyes...
Shinigori (3:04:38 AM): *Hands together, chanting already, then once her spell is complete, she throws it twards Enlil* H-H-H-Heal!
*OnlineHost* (3:04:41 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Besyanteo (3:05:04 AM): ::Enlil feels the warm feeling of the healing spell... though it's not very strong::
Besyanteo (3:05:18 AM): (James)
*OnlineHost* (3:05:26 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Besyanteo (3:05:33 AM): (Kyle)
NYClark2 (3:05:44 AM): You are doing great Janda, keep it up...
SongstressEnlil (3:05:50 AM): *Holding a guard position* Thank you, dear. I feel better
*OnlineHost* (3:06:10 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Besyanteo (3:06:16 AM): (Enlil)
SongstressEnlil (3:06:29 AM): *Covers Janda*
NYClark2 (3:06:37 AM): IM: Having her here... it is making things a bit less worrisome...
Besyanteo (3:06:46 AM): ::waits for Kyle to act in any way before skipping ahead!::
Besyanteo (3:06:50 AM): ( )*
Brodzky Zero (3:07:01 AM): *Reaches into his coat pockets*
Brodzky Zero (3:07:03 AM): (THE END :D)
Besyanteo (3:07:13 AM): (HAPPY END! :D)
NYClark2 (3:07:20 AM): ( Curtain: ::Falls:: )
*OnlineHost* (3:07:25 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
SongstressEnlil (3:07:32 AM): (Do we get out shout fat Girlfriends back?)
Besyanteo (3:07:36 AM): *STAB*
SongstressEnlil (3:07:39 AM): (*short)
NYClark2 (3:07:51 AM): ( Crowd: Next episode? This is a play! )
Besyanteo (3:07:56 AM): ::the creature burried a claw in Feisal's shoulder::
SongstressEnlil (3:08:04 AM): >.<
Besyanteo (3:08:14 AM): ::whose eyes bugged out breifly, before he fell unconcious again::
Besyanteo (3:08:24 AM): (Janda/Enlil)
*OnlineHost* (3:08:30 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
SongstressEnlil (3:08:36 AM): *Guards still*
Besyanteo (3:08:39 AM): (Janda)
Shinigori (3:09:12 AM): M-Mother, sh-should I h-help F-F-Feisal? *Already drawing energy as best as she can, though by now, she's likely running out of steam*
Besyanteo (3:09:47 AM)
: (actually, there's a great abundance of energy all around them. The question is dare they use it. >.>)
Shinigori (3:10:01 AM): (Janda wouldn't touch that crap with a 20 foot pole.)
Besyanteo (3:10:07 AM)
: (heh.)
NYClark2 (3:10:13 AM): ( Can any one of "they" use it? I don't think James can )
Besyanteo (3:10:22 AM): (magic users, obviously. =P)
Besyanteo (3:10:46 AM): (I think James would need an upgrade to convert Mana to blaster energy. >.>)
SongstressEnlil (3:10:47 AM): Try to.
SongstressEnlil (3:11:01 AM): (*agress with Bes*)
SongstressEnlil (3:11:11 AM): (*Agrees, too)
Shinigori (3:11:16 AM): *nods and lets the energy fly twards Der Atma of Mini*
*OnlineHost* (3:11:19 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Shinigori (3:11:23 AM): (HEALING MACHINE WAI)
NYClark2 (3:11:30 AM)
: ( This is where Dad makes a comment about James finding capsules... or something )
Besyanteo (3:11:40 AM): ::Feisal's shoulder wound closes completely, and he's awake, more allert than before.::
Shinigori (3:11:53 AM): (He needs to totally go beat the 8 robot masters.)
Besyanteo (3:11:54 AM)
: ::and her looks pist.::
Besyanteo (3:11:59 AM): he*
Brodzky Zero (3:12:08 AM): (There needs to be Riposte Man)
SongstressEnlil (3:12:12 AM): IM: She's doing wonderfully...
Brodzky Zero (3:12:20 AM): (Who, seriously, exists in MM for Gameboy)
Besyanteo (3:12:23 AM): (James)
SongstressEnlil (3:12:27 AM): Excellent, Janda! I'm proud of you!
*OnlineHost* (3:12:35 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Shinigori (3:12:40 AM): (Duh duh duh dee duh, duh duh duh dee duh, duh duh duh, duh duh duh, duh dee-dee-dee duuuuhh!)
Besyanteo (3:12:56 AM)
: (due to time constraints,)
Besyanteo (3:13:06 AM): (I now dub a roll of 2 a low level hit)
Shinigori (3:13:13 AM): Th-Th-thank y-you, m-mother...^^
SongstressEnlil (3:13:19 AM)
: (Fair enough(
Besyanteo (3:13:48 AM): (...and seriously consider lowwering your foe's HP.)
NYClark2 (3:14:15 AM): ::Sends a weak blast at the thing's left eye::
*OnlineHost* (3:14:27 AM): Besyanteo rolled 5 3-sided dice: 3 1 2 2 2
Brodzky Zero (3:14:38 AM): (Kyle will use a Firecracker on it :D)
Besyanteo (3:14:51 AM): ::everyone but James, including Feisal, has an ahcing head from the ensuing scream::
NYClark2 (3:14:54 AM): ( He should warn us to get back )
Brodzky Zero (3:14:56 AM): >_<!!
Brodzky Zero (3:15:04 AM): IM: So similar...>_< PAIN!!!
Besyanteo (3:15:21 AM): (Kyle)
*OnlineHost* (3:15:25 AM): Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Brodzky Zero (3:15:31 AM): (DEATH)
Besyanteo (3:15:31 AM): ::the left eye winked out::
SongstressEnlil (3:15:33 AM): IM: So...awful...
Shinigori (3:15:33 AM): >.< Ow...My head...!
Besyanteo (3:15:40 AM)
: (Enlil)
Brodzky Zero (3:15:43 AM): *Continues digging in his coat*
SongstressEnlil (3:15:53 AM): *Covers Janda as before*
*OnlineHost* (3:16:34 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Besyanteo (3:17:01 AM): ::recall those nine twisted horns?::
Shinigori (3:17:11 AM): *Yes?*
Besyanteo (3:17:17 AM)
: ::The centermost one detatches itself from the creatures head::
Shinigori (3:17:27 AM): *Aw, nuts.*
Besyanteo (3:17:29 AM)
: ::hangs in the air a moment::
NYClark2 (3:17:51 AM): ::This is where we worry.::
Besyanteo (3:17:56 AM): ::and then flies like a javelin for James's right shoulder::
NYClark2 (3:18:04 AM): ::Told you::
Shinigori (3:18:21 AM): *Tries to move and gets James out of the way, much like she did for Will on an ill-fated night*
Besyanteo (3:18:21 AM)
: ::getting stuck half way in. The cold that pours from it numbs his body.::
NYClark2 (3:18:46 AM): ::Javelined:: >_<
SongstressEnlil (3:18:53 AM): Janda! Stay behing me!
Besyanteo (3:18:54 AM): ::By the time Janda had moved, it was Done. She had only made herself open to the next attack.::
NYClark2 (3:18:59 AM): ( Unless, we give Dad a chance to roll bullet taking )
SongstressEnlil (3:19:06 AM): *Behind
NYClark2 (3:19:13 AM): ( Or not )
Besyanteo (3:19:20 AM): (we do not. >.> the only reason the Javelin did not go straight through,)
Besyanteo (3:19:28 AM): (is if I am not mistaken, JAmes still ahs a metal body)
Besyanteo (3:19:32 AM): has*
NYClark2 (3:19:43 AM): Janda... what were you going to do?
NYClark2 (3:19:56 AM): You need to stay where it is safe...
*OnlineHost* (3:19:57 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Besyanteo (3:20:23 AM): ::Feisal let out his own roar of rage, and burried the flaring white tail tip deep into the beast::
Besyanteo (3:20:42 AM): ::Said creature is in more pieces now than he is solid::
Shinigori (3:20:43 AM): I w-w-w-was g-g-going to m-move y-you out o-of th-th-the w-w-way...
NYClark2 (3:21:10 AM)
: ...
SongstressEnlil (3:21:25 AM): Don't worry for him. He is far better equipped to take damage than you are...
*OnlineHost* (3:21:27 AM): SongstressEnlil rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
NYClark2 (3:21:30 AM): IM: Usually I am the one who does that sort of thing...
SongstressEnlil (3:21:37 AM): *Moves to Guard again*
Besyanteo (3:21:39 AM): (also, on each turn JAmes gets from now on, until that thing is removed, JAmes makes a roll to stay awake.)
Besyanteo (3:21:47 AM): (2+ keeps him awake)
Besyanteo (3:22:08 AM): (Janda)
Brodzky Zero (3:22:10 AM): (I still laugh at the reaction I got when I asked for d100 for init ^_^ )
NYClark2 (3:22:17 AM): ( Ok, Kyle's turn no? )
Shinigori (3:22:23 AM): (Everyone: WTF?!)
Besyanteo (3:22:45 AM)
: (>.> ...janda, then James, then Kyle.)
NYClark2 (3:22:46 AM): ( I thought you were joking... )
NYClark2 (3:22:59 AM): ( Oh... I lost track.. )
NYClark2 (3:23:21 AM): ( I see... Enlil rolled for that guard... )
Besyanteo (3:23:52 AM): (she meant to attack, but it failed. I'm ok with her moving to guard Janda again)
Shinigori (3:23:58 AM): *Hands together, building energy as well as she can- Heal on James*
*OnlineHost* (3:24:02 AM)
: Shinigori rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
NYClark2 (3:24:12 AM): ( Low hit for healing? )
Besyanteo (3:24:18 AM): ::James's wounds are healed slightly, but not around the horn::
Besyanteo (3:24:47 AM): (James)
NYClark2 (3:24:49 AM): Thank you Janda...
NYClark2 (3:24:59 AM): ( Roll for move or wakefulness first? )
Besyanteo (3:25:13 AM): (wakefullness before attckering)
*OnlineHost* (3:25:15 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Besyanteo (3:25:31 AM): (awake. >.> roll for hit.)
NYClark2 (3:25:41 AM): ::James finds himself not asleep::
*OnlineHost* (3:26:39 AM): NYClark2 rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
NYClark2 (3:27:00 AM): ::James tried to pull the horn out...::
Besyanteo (3:27:45 AM): ::The horn budged! however, it would take more to remove it. In the mean time, the could increased dramatically when the horn was moved. -1 side on the wakefullness roll.::
Besyanteo (3:28:33 AM): (Kyle)
Shinigori (3:28:35 AM): *watches, worriedly* J-James...wh-wh-why d-d-didn't y-y-you t-try t-t-to m-move...?
*OnlineHost* (3:28:37 AM)
: Brodzky Zero rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Brodzky Zero (3:28:41 AM): (About damned time)
Brodzky Zero (3:28:43 AM): (^_^)
Besyanteo (3:28:47 AM): (heh)
Brodzky Zero (3:29:06 AM): *Has a bright red firecracker in his hand! And lights it with a match!*
NYClark2 (3:29:13 AM): ( Is she speaking about why he did'nt move the horn that much? )
Besyanteo (3:29:20 AM): Feisal: O.o;
Shinigori (3:29:35 AM): (Speaking more of "Why didn't you get the fuck out of the way as the horn floated in mid air")
SongstressEnlil (3:29:42 AM)
: *Spreads her wings protectively*
SongstressEnlil (3:29:50 AM): Janda, step back!
SongstressEnlil (3:29:54 AM): And cover your ears!
Brodzky Zero (3:30:01 AM): *Waits a few seconds, and tosses it so that it explodes a good ways above Feisal in the air!*
Brodzky Zero (3:30:13 AM): *The resulting downwards force....*
*OnlineHost* (3:30:37 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 3-sided die: 3
NYClark2 (3:30:40 AM): >_< IM: When did Kyle get those?
Besyanteo (3:30:43 AM): (... Go Kyle.)
*OnlineHost* (3:30:47 AM): Besyanteo rolled 1 6-sided die: 2
Shinigori (3:30:50 AM): Wh-*Screams and cowers as the firecracker goes off*
Besyanteo (3:30:52 AM)
: (... Go Kyle indeed.)
Brodzky Zero (3:31:14 AM): (Kyle knows that MA is durable :D)
Brodzky Zero (3:31:27 AM): (Kyle: He is made of rubber, or something!)
Besyanteo (3:31:51 AM): ::The blast delivers astounding results. The black mist that was the creaturre flies apart, with a muffled, and cut off, screatch of fear and pain.::
Besyanteo (3:32:10 AM): ::leaving the part alone on the strrets of Doma with Feisal, on a warm, summer night.
SongstressEnlil (3:32:11 AM): (Kyle: Well, you wanna get rid of the house. Just place a couple of charges and...KABOOM! Place 'em just right, and you'll have all the wood fall in one pile, all the glass in another)
Besyanteo (3:32:13 AM): :: ::*
Brodzky Zero (3:32:29 AM): <_<...>_>...
Besyanteo (3:32:43 AM): ::Feisal, meanwhile, suddenly shrinks down to the size of a kitten,::
NYClark2 (3:32:50 AM): ( James still have a horn in his shoulder? )
Besyanteo (3:32:52 AM): ::and curls up into a ball::
Besyanteo (3:32:57 AM): (... right. That.)
Shinigori (3:33:17 AM): ....*Is very much in tears now, at James being skewered, the surprise of the explosion, and, well, everything*
Brodzky Zero (3:33:22 AM)
: *Heads towards the Feisal!*
Besyanteo (3:33:24 AM): ::the horn, meanwhile, melts away, becoming a puff of smoke in the breeze::
Brodzky Zero (3:33:40 AM): *Lands next to him*
SongstressEnlil (3:33:49 AM): *Kneels by Janda and hugs her*
SongstressEnlil (3:34:01 AM): Shhh... Don't worry. Kyle beat it.
Besyanteo (3:34:04 AM): ::Feisal has a white colored splotch on his back where the thing had been. He's shivering much like a wounded animal::
Brodzky Zero (3:34:12 AM): IM: Its sad that those come in handy so often.
Shinigori (3:34:18 AM): *Hugged- Returns it with a very, VERY clingy glomp, as if Janda just does NOT want to let go*
Brodzky Zero (3:34:31 AM)
: *Carefully picks up the Feisal, and pets him gently*
SongstressEnlil (3:34:50 AM): *Gives Janda a kiss on the cheek* Are you going to be okay, dear?
Brodzky Zero (3:35:07 AM): *Flutters up to Kyle's shoulder, watching the Feisal*
NYClark2 (3:35:08 AM): ::James has a hole in his shoulder, circutry and "organics" are visible through his ripped tunic, he brings his other hand to it:: >_<
Besyanteo (3:35:12 AM): (Janda-6 James-6 Kyle-7 Enlil-8 Feisal-3)
Shinigori (3:35:42 AM): ...I th-th-th-thhith-th-thi-thth...*sobs and continues being clingy*
SongstressEnlil (3:36:08 AM)
: What's wrong, dear? *Hugs warmly*
NYClark2 (3:36:16 AM): Is everyone alright?
Besyanteo (3:36:23 AM): ::the whole party still feels soem of the chill inside. The warm night is not warm enough for comfort anymore::
Besyanteo (3:36:29 AM): some*
Brodzky Zero (3:36:30 AM): -_-
Shinigori (3:36:34 AM): I'm j-j-just r-r-rr-r-really sc-sc-sc-sc-scarred....
Brodzky Zero (3:36:36 AM)
: IM: I want to know what that was.
Brodzky Zero (3:36:54 AM): (Kyle: That was one helluva tapeworm!)
Besyanteo (3:37:02 AM): (... heh.)
Brodzky Zero (3:37:13 AM): (Kyle: YOU NEED SHOTS, MR ATMA)
SongstressEnlil (3:37:26 AM): What's frightning you, now that the thing is gone? It can't hurt you now.
Besyanteo (3:37:27 AM): (Feisal: o.o;)
Brodzky Zero (3:37:38 AM): *Hugs the Feisal gently*
Besyanteo (3:37:50 AM): ::hugged. the small creature whimpers.::
Brodzky Zero (3:38:03 AM): -_-
NYClark2 (3:38:06 AM): IM: I can still feel the cold... especially in my shoulder...
SongstressEnlil (3:38:38 AM): Don't worry. I'm here to help you, and keep you safe.
Shinigori (3:38:45 AM): I d-d-d-don't kn-kn-know....Is J-J-James al-alright...?
Shinigori (3:39:12 AM)
: *squeeze and gives another quite sob* Th-th-thank y-you, m-m-m-mm-mother...
SongstressEnlil (3:39:13 AM)
: He needs some help, but he's still standing. So too does Feisal.
NYClark2 (3:39:17 AM): ::Walks over to the two angels, hand still to his shoulder:: Are both of you ok?
SongstressEnlil (3:39:37 AM): You've done worse to me, James. ^^
Shinigori (3:39:53 AM): (PWNED.)
NYClark2 (3:39:59 AM)
: ( When? )
SongstressEnlil (3:40:03 AM): I'll be alright.
Shinigori (3:40:04 AM): ...Wh-wh-whhuh....What? o-O;;
Besyanteo (3:40:19 AM)
: (Heh. Came out of the fight best of all of them. =P)
Besyanteo (3:40:23 AM): Enlil came out*
Besyanteo (3:40:39 AM): (... speaking of which... >.>)
SongstressEnlil (3:40:39 AM): *w2Janda* It's a long story.
Shinigori (3:40:40 AM): (I beleive thats a reference to Infinity.)
SongstressEnlil (3:40:44 AM)
: (Twas)
Shinigori (3:40:49 AM): (James: BARREL ROLL :D)
Brodzky Zero (3:40:58 AM)
: (^_^)
NYClark2 (3:41:02 AM): ( I don't remember James ever doing anything to Enlil... )
Shinigori (3:41:02 AM): (Enlil: *THUD* ..Ow ;_;)
*OnlineHost* (3:41:02 AM)
: Besyanteo rolled 3 6-sided dice: 5 3 5
NYClark2 (3:41:17 AM): ( Oh, that... that was still Jacob... )
NYClark2 (3:41:33 AM): What?
Besyanteo (3:41:34 AM): ::Feisal stops shivering. Janda suddenly feels VERY light headed.::
Brodzky Zero (3:41:47 AM): 6_6?
NYClark2 (3:41:51 AM): ( Jacob: SOMETHING on the wing? Well... FUCK THAT ::BARREL ROLL:: )
Besyanteo (3:41:52 AM): ::seems to be out::
NYClark2 (3:42:08 AM): ( James: Something on the wing? Could someone who can fly find out what it is? )
Shinigori (3:42:13 AM): Uhh...Huhhn?
Brodzky Zero (3:42:16 AM)
: <_< Whatsay we get our little friend something to eat?
Shinigori (3:42:26 AM): *Shakes her head to try and clear herself of the light-headedness*
Besyanteo (3:42:33 AM)
: (Shini can pick whether or not she loses conciousness or not. >.>)
SongstressEnlil (3:42:33 AM): Are you okay?
NYClark2 (3:42:45 AM): What are you talking about?
SongstressEnlil (3:42:50 AM): Do you want to go to a healer?
Besyanteo (3:42:52 AM): (... ::kicks word redundancy::)
Shinigori (3:43:01 AM): *Suddenly is out like a light, yo*
Brodzky Zero (3:43:22 AM)
: <_<..
Shinigori (3:43:26 AM): (As that gives me a moment or two to grab something from the car)
SongstressEnlil (3:43:26 AM)
: *Picks her up*
Besyanteo (3:43:30 AM): ::in that case, Janda's lips are also blue::
NYClark2 (3:43:41 AM): IM: She is speaking of the time that... ::Explains::
NYClark2 (3:43:53 AM): Oh...
SongstressEnlil (3:44:03 AM): (Hey...Does Janda still have the Elixir?)
NYClark2 (3:44:06 AM): You are mistaken Enlil...
Brodzky Zero (3:44:16 AM): *Examines Janda* o_o Eep!
SongstressEnlil (3:44:37 AM): *Looks at Janda Astrally*
NYClark2 (3:44:41 AM): That was my error... James would have thought things through...
Shinigori (3:45:06 AM): (Elixer?)
SongstressEnlil (3:45:06 AM)
: It doesn't matter, I'm not upset. I was just making a little jest. >.>;;
NYClark2 (3:45:07 AM): Is Janda alright? She looks very cold...
Brodzky Zero (3:45:11 AM): We need to get her some heat, quick! o_o
SongstressEnlil (3:45:13 AM): (From Darrow)
Besyanteo (3:45:16 AM): ::Janda is astrally almost as ever Janda would be. There is a linger aura of darkness, but it's tapering off even as she looks. That same could be said of all of them::
Besyanteo (3:45:21 AM): the same*
Shinigori (3:45:35 AM): (Hm. She'd have tucked it away for the proverbial rainy day.)
Besyanteo (3:45:43 AM)
: ::She does feel like she spent a few hours outside in winter though::
SongstressEnlil (3:45:47 AM): (*nods*)
Brodzky Zero (3:45:47 AM): (Acid Rainy Day)
Besyanteo (3:46:04 AM): ::in a bikini that is::
SongstressEnlil (3:46:10 AM): *Holds her tight, hoping to impart a little warmth*
Besyanteo (3:46:29 AM): (from here use basic logic. >.> Enlil can Handle this.)
NYClark2 (3:46:42 AM): Well... you should be mindful of your audience...
Brodzky Zero (3:46:44 AM): *Knows about hypothermia and such! Being the trail worn traveler and treasure hunter THATS FENCER, he is!*
SongstressEnlil (3:47:06 AM): She's been affected a bit strongly by its aura. If she doesn't warm soon, I'll take her to a healer
SongstressEnlil (3:47:09 AM): <.<
SongstressEnlil (3:47:35 AM): I'm sure the castle can treat your wounds. Or Valenti and Alexandra can.
SongstressEnlil (3:47:48 AM): You know how to find them, do you not? o.o
Shinigori (3:47:51 AM): (Jason needs to not think about 5 year old angel girls in bikinis. Thats James' job.)
NYClark2 (3:47:55 AM)
: Now the kid thinks that James hurt you...
NYClark2 (3:48:12 AM): ( Umm... no... )
Besyanteo (3:48:13 AM): (>.> ... Shini should keep his mind on the idea behind the comparison)
Brodzky Zero (3:48:23 AM): Ah...hello Jacob...
Brodzky Zero (3:48:28 AM): *Less then thrilled!*
Shinigori (3:48:36 AM): (Shini should not be RPing a very WARPED translation of Kris in another room.)
Brodzky Zero (3:48:39 AM)
: Chirpity! "Ahoy thar!"
Besyanteo (3:48:50 AM): (... oyia)
Shinigori (3:49:02 AM): (CHRISTINA/MELISSA WAI)
SongstressEnlil (3:49:28 AM)
: Don't worry about that.
Besyanteo (3:49:28 AM): (and, for atleast three of us now, tis 3:50 AM.)
NYClark2 (3:49:30 AM): Hello... ::right back at ya fencer::
Brodzky Zero (3:49:48 AM): *Dusts off his coat, and shakes his head a bit* >_<
Brodzky Zero (3:49:53 AM): o_o How are you?
NYClark2 (3:50:16 AM): We're cold...
Brodzky Zero (3:50:20 AM): *Nods*
Brodzky Zero (3:50:31 AM): (Kyle: Drink cocoa, you fucking whiner)
NYClark2 (3:50:35 AM): ::Is not as cold though::
SongstressEnlil (3:50:55 AM): *Wraps her Wings around herself and Janda, while trying to feel of Janda warms any*
Besyanteo (3:51:00 AM): (Jacob: I CAN'T! Kyle: WHY?! Jacob: ... .... IT GIVES ME GAS. THAT'S IT.)
NYClark2 (3:51:08 AM): ( No )
Besyanteo (3:51:11 AM): (I know. =P)
Brodzky Zero (3:51:17 AM): (Kyle: You are a robot. You are FUELED by gas)
SongstressEnlil (3:51:19 AM): (Enlil: Gas is good for Robots)
Shinigori (3:51:34 AM): (Janda: So THATS why you smell funny...I mean, *OUT*)
Brodzky Zero (3:51:41 AM)
: (And then, Enlil and Kyle found themselves in pain at the bottom of a staircase!)
SongstressEnlil (3:51:41 AM): (Enlil: Except those alcohol-powered kind)
Besyanteo (3:51:41 AM): (... XD)
Shinigori (3:51:49 AM): *Knocked the fudge out :(*
NYClark2 (3:52:06 AM)
: ( I was about to say Jacob prefers stronger drinks... )
Brodzky Zero (3:52:13 AM): (I want to see Jacob shove someone down a flight of stairs)
Besyanteo (3:52:16 AM): ::on the brightside, Enlil's body heat and the warm air is helping a bit.::
Brodzky Zero (3:52:19 AM): (Just like, SHOVE!)
Brodzky Zero (3:52:24 AM): *Hugging a wai MA!*
SongstressEnlil (3:52:40 AM): She shouldn't need a healer, I don't think. *Relieved*
Besyanteo (3:52:42 AM): ::also warming. also far more hurtthough.::
Brodzky Zero (3:52:52 AM): *Is a Wai bird! On a Bishy Fencer's head!*
SongstressEnlil (3:53:04 AM): Kyle, please take Feisal to see Valenti, alright?
Besyanteo (3:53:07 AM): (Feisal: Giving birth to evil through your spine REALLY sucks. :{)
SongstressEnlil (3:53:12 AM): Just in case.
Brodzky Zero (3:53:14 AM): *Nods* Alrighty ^_^
NYClark2 (3:53:21 AM): So the kid is alright... Thank goodness...
SongstressEnlil (3:53:39 AM): (Aliester: Those astral beasts keep their wombs in the oddest places, hm?)
Brodzky Zero (3:53:40 AM): Just be sure to keep Janda warm, and not too active until you are sure she is okay ^_^
SongstressEnlil (3:53:51 AM): I will.
Besyanteo (3:53:52 AM): (Feisal: ..... :{!!)
Brodzky Zero (3:54:11 AM): (Feisal is basically genderless, isnt he? o_o )
SongstressEnlil (3:54:16 AM): There will be some fires at the Square. We should return there for the evening.
Besyanteo (3:54:19 AM): (indeed)
SongstressEnlil (3:54:42 AM): *Makes to do so*
Brodzky Zero (3:54:48 AM): Seeya! Take care! *waves*
SongstressEnlil (3:54:56 AM): (And, if there are no objections, I lurk for anime)
NYClark2 (3:55:00 AM): Enlil, I was about to suggest having some Cocoa to exorcise the chill...
Besyanteo (3:55:02 AM): (alrighty)
Besyanteo (3:55:39 AM): (If Enlil wants to interrogate Feisal, follow-up RP tomorrow some time.)
SongstressEnlil (3:55:44 AM): Don't worry. There will be some stew there. And, cold doesn't quite affect me that badly; Father's robe, remember? ^^
SongstressEnlil (3:55:58 AM): (Maybe. Pervy is pretty booked tomorrow)
Besyanteo (3:56:04 AM): (::nod::)
SongstressEnlil (3:56:09 AM): Bye Kyle! Everyone.
NYClark2 (3:56:11 AM): Ahh... but what about if she wakes up?
SongstressEnlil (3:56:12 AM): *!
Shinigori (3:56:22 AM): (Pervy remembers whats going on tomorrow, does he not? e_e)
Besyanteo (3:56:40 AM)
: (>.> ... Pervy might be refering to that.)
Shinigori (3:56:46 AM): (He'd better be. e_e)
SongstressEnlil (3:56:49 AM)
: That's when the stew comes in. It's quite warming. ^^
SongstressEnlil (3:56:55 AM): (That and Kate's deal)
NYClark2 (3:57:16 AM): Ok... When she does awaken... Tell her I said goodnight... and that I am fine...
SongstressEnlil (3:57:22 AM): I will.
Brodzky Zero (3:57:32 AM): Tell her I didnt mean to scare her with that last bit ^_^;;
NYClark2 (3:57:39 AM): Although I am going to head to the healers now, to actually find out...
NYClark2 (3:57:50 AM): Oh...
SongstressEnlil (3:57:52 AM): *And she vanishes down an alley*
Brodzky Zero (3:58:08 AM): (Kyle: HEY GRIFF, WANNA SEE A NEAT TRICK?)
SongstressEnlil (3:58:16 AM): (*FWIP!*)
NYClark2 (3:58:16 AM): And tell her that it was'nt James' fault...
Brodzky Zero (3:58:19 AM): (Kyle: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND HOLD OUT YOUR HAND)
(3:58:24 AM) SongstressEnlil has left the room.
Shinigori (3:58:30 AM): (Griff: Are you going to make something stop being un-exploded!?)
Brodzky Zero (3:58:39 AM)
: (Kyle: YEAH :D)
Besyanteo (3:59:05 AM): ::sleeps on in Kyle's hands. whee.::
NYClark2 (3:59:07 AM): ( Jacob: She always does that... hmph... )
Shinigori (3:59:08 AM): *Is knocked out, but with her mommy, who is warm, and taking her to a warm fire and crap*
Brodzky Zero (3:59:08 AM)
: (CI?)
Besyanteo (3:59:23 AM): (CI. >.> keep on as you like. I head for bed.)
NYClark2 (3:59:32 AM): ( Captain's action precluded any CI for Janda )
Brodzky Zero (3:59:50 AM): (Shini has other characters)
Brodzky Zero (3:59:54 AM): (Like Kris or Griff)
Besyanteo (4:00:02 AM): (.... if my fellow east coasters are stayying up, I must label them nutty.)
Brodzky Zero (4:00:05 AM): (Or KrissGriff, who is of course, Red and Green)
NYClark2 (4:00:12 AM): ( James has a hole in his shoulder )
Besyanteo (4:00:22 AM): ( .... ::requested to stay for a minute. does.::)
NYClark2 (4:00:25 AM): ( And is going to take care of that )
Brodzky Zero (4:00:33 AM): <_< Hey...James....
Brodzky Zero (4:00:39 AM): Mind if I try something really quick?
NYClark2 (4:00:42 AM): Yes Kyle?
NYClark2 (4:00:43 AM): What?
Brodzky Zero (4:01:12 AM): *Smirks a bit, and sets the Feisal down softly on the grounf, next to Paper*
NYClark2 (4:01:22 AM): ::Hand still over the hole in his shoulder::
Shinigori (4:01:49 AM): (Kyle: *Shoves a lit firecracker in the hole* ^_^)
Besyanteo (4:02:00 AM)
: (... I was imagining that! XD)
NYClark2 (4:02:07 AM): ( James: ::Pulls it out quickly:: )
Brodzky Zero (4:02:20 AM): *Closes his eyes and begins mumbling*
Besyanteo (4:02:22 AM): (*BOOM* ... James: ... OW! FUCKER! ::BLAST::)
Brodzky Zero (4:02:27 AM): *Making a few subtle hand motions*
NYClark2 (4:02:37 AM): ( Jacob: ::Stuffs it down Kyle's throat and shoves him down a flight of stairs:: )
Shinigori (4:02:43 AM): *Kyle and James may get a suspicious feeling that they're being watched*
*OnlineHost* (4:02:53 AM)
: Brodzky Zero rolled 3 6-sided dice: 2 3 3
Brodzky Zero (4:03:02 AM): *Mumble.......* ...
NYClark2 (4:03:09 AM): ::Removes his hand from the wound::
Brodzky Zero (4:03:16 AM): Nevermind, lets go to the healers. ^_^;;
Brodzky Zero (4:03:22 AM): *Picks up the Feisalo*
NYClark2 (4:03:45 AM): Hmm... Was that some of the White magic you learned from Fresca?
Brodzky Zero (4:03:54 AM): IM: I HAVE A SUSPICIOUS FEELING....That I am hungry and tired. 1