XStrike8 (1:18:51 PM): And because I feel ranty and random... yes, Earth magic CAN include control of plants.
XStrike8 (1:19:01 PM): All it really takes is you shifting around the minerals in the soil.
Besyanteo (1:19:49 PM): ... << >> ... in the prolonged absence of ChrC, I must seriously debate asking you to be must substitiute RPGWW mentor.
Besyanteo (1:20:40 PM): to be my*
Besyanteo (1:20:53 PM): ... and possibly smacker for typos.
XStrike8 (1:22:44 PM): Hehehe.
Besyanteo (1:24:09 PM): anyways: question. I'm leaving at 4:45 for work and getting off at 8:45. would you like to do the thing with JEridan before or after that?
XStrike8 (1:24:24 PM): Before.
Besyanteo (1:25:02 PM): kay.
Besyanteo (1:26:36 PM): next question: the only person I can think of who could possibly -need- to be there is Lys, and I can suggest this is happening when Phyllias is sleepign if need be to avoid that. so should this be IM or Chat RP?
XStrike8 (1:27:19 PM): IM can work. There's not a whole lot to it, really.
Besyanteo (1:27:47 PM): indeed. >.> this would be the middle of the war, so the setting should be in the Ivory horn.
Besyanteo (1:30:57 PM): (Well, I'm sick of the chat. already.)
Besyanteo (1:31:28 PM): ::War time, Ivory horn. say, 2 A.M.-ish?::
Besyanteo (1:32:59 PM): ::Jeridan is up and about, int eh common room, in the dark. Just listening. For some reason, he couldn't sleep. ono.::
Besyanteo (1:33:10 PM): in the*
Besyanteo (1:34:31 PM): (that would be the intro. Does Shaun need Jeridan's description?)
XStrike8 (1:34:56 PM): (Jes please)
Besyanteo (1:36:30 PM): ::6'4" garoujin, chocolate brown fur, deep green eyes. Heavy muscular build, wearing a dark blue vest open, matching wrist bands and head band. Red baggy pants belted with wrapped material of the same color, no shoes.::
XStrike8 (1:37:23 PM): *that suddenly has a god sitting crosslegged on his chest... but somehow with very little weight on him*
XStrike8 (1:37:36 PM): Hmm..... interesting, Innnnteresting.
XStrike8 (1:37:48 PM): v.v Never toyed with Inugami's work before.
Besyanteo (1:38:05 PM): ::technically stacey's work? or so Jason thought::
Besyanteo (1:38:17 PM): 6.6; ... the hell?
XStrike8 (1:38:23 PM): Hewwo. ^__^
Besyanteo (1:38:39 PM): ... who are you and how'd ya get in?
XStrike8 (1:38:41 PM): Now, where was I?
XStrike8 (1:38:47 PM): Oh, I got in because I felt like it.
Besyanteo (1:38:51 PM): ...
XStrike8 (1:38:58 PM): Now hold still, I'm busy.
Besyanteo (1:39:05 PM): ......
XStrike8 (1:39:12 PM): Lets see... I've tried darkness.. but that's boring.
Besyanteo (1:39:12 PM): IM: sounds like a little kid. o.o;
XStrike8 (1:39:20 PM): Holy? Nope nope. That'd just get HER mad.
XStrike8 (1:39:27 PM): Fire? Bah. Boring.
XStrike8 (1:39:33 PM): Wind? .... maybe later.
Besyanteo (1:39:37 PM): ..... er. 6.6; ... what are you talking about?
XStrike8 (1:39:44 PM): Oh, nothin much.
Besyanteo (1:39:53 PM): IM: sounds like Derek almost.
XStrike8 (1:39:54 PM): Just wonderin which kinda mazoku'd suit you best.
Besyanteo (1:39:58 PM): ..........................................
XStrike8 (1:40:00 PM): Don't worry 'bout it.
XStrike8 (1:40:12 PM): Ah, yes... Earth.
XStrike8 (1:40:16 PM): Earth will do quite nicely.
Besyanteo (1:40:24 PM): Uhm. Are your parents around somewhere?
XStrike8 (1:40:34 PM): .... you don't wanna meet my parents, trust me.
Besyanteo (1:40:38 PM): ...
XStrike8 (1:40:49 PM): Dad's busy anyway.
Besyanteo (1:40:52 PM): IM: why do I get the feeling something bad is about to happen?
XStrike8 (1:41:01 PM): <.< Waitasec.
XStrike8 (1:41:24 PM): How was I doing this again? 9.9
XStrike8 (1:41:35 PM): Lets see... Staff.
XStrike8 (1:41:55 PM): *holds out an arm, and a golden staff with various rings and things appears in his right hand*
Besyanteo (1:42:01 PM): ::morbidly curious what the little kid plans to do. watches::
Besyanteo (1:42:14 PM): ::and he probably couldn't tell in the nigh totaly darkness::
Besyanteo (1:42:18 PM): total*
XStrike8 (1:42:31 PM): *but he could by the gold flash that appeared as it did, sorry. ^_^;;;*
Besyanteo (1:42:39 PM): O.o
XStrike8 (1:42:41 PM): Hmmm.... Naah. Not staff.
XStrike8 (1:42:54 PM): Wait, Tai had that other staff or whatever.
XStrike8 (1:42:56 PM): THAT'D work.
Besyanteo (1:43:08 PM): D'ah! Who -are- you? o.o;
XStrike8 (1:43:13 PM): Hmm.... let's see.... *the staff in his hand glows a bright gold*
XStrike8 (1:43:25 PM): What? Oh, my name?
XStrike8 (1:43:34 PM): Name's Nakibe. Pleased t' meetcha. ^___^
Besyanteo (1:43:42 PM): ... IM: Nakib--- ...
Besyanteo (1:43:46 PM): O.O
XStrike8 (1:43:52 PM): *the staff "grows" a set of chattering teeth*
XStrike8 (1:44:02 PM): There we go. Now, this might sting a little...
Besyanteo (1:44:17 PM): Wait wha--?!
Besyanteo (1:44:22 PM): (just go. :D)
XStrike8 (1:44:24 PM): *puts the chattering teeth to Jeridan's neck, and they bite down*
Besyanteo (1:44:38 PM): >.O AHG!
XStrike8 (1:44:52 PM): Okay, that part done...
XStrike8 (1:45:11 PM): 5... 4... *Jeridan feels as if his body is slowly... burning from the inside out*
Besyanteo (1:45:35 PM): ... ::and he growls. which grows to a scream as it continues to burn::
XStrike8 (1:45:41 PM): 3.... 2... *turns the staff back to it's normal form*
XStrike8 (1:46:13 PM): 1..... *touches the staff to Jeridan's chest, and the spot that he touches feels cool*
Besyanteo (1:46:31 PM): ...
Besyanteo (1:46:49 PM): IM: what in the hell...? My body... >.<
XStrike8 (1:46:58 PM): *the coolness slowly flows throughout him until Jeridan feels no more pain*
XStrike8 (1:47:32 PM): And the finishing touch... *touches Jeridan on his forehead, causing a black spiral horn to grow out of it*
Besyanteo (1:47:43 PM): AH! >^<;;
XStrike8 (1:48:19 PM): *his fangs and claws grow slightly and the claws are slightly blacker*
XStrike8 (1:48:23 PM): There we go.
XStrike8 (1:48:53 PM): Decidedly LESS boring. ^___^
XStrike8 (1:49:08 PM): *hops off of Jeridan's chest*
Besyanteo (1:49:14 PM): ... ::lying there kind of numb after the whole thing::
Besyanteo (1:49:51 PM): ::and brings a hand before his face to see what Nakibe did. only to bump into the horn::
Besyanteo (1:49:52 PM): ...
Besyanteo (1:50:00 PM): What in the hell...?
XStrike8 (1:50:06 PM): Now doesn't that feel new and interesting?
XStrike8 (1:50:50 PM): No no no no. Hell's not my department. ^__^
Besyanteo (1:50:53 PM): ::he sat up and blinked his new cat eyes at Nakibe:: ... why in the name of the g-- ... Why did you do that?!
XStrike8 (1:51:27 PM): So... you DON'T like it? o.o
XStrike8 (1:51:45 PM): C'mon. It looks GOOD on ya. ^_^
Besyanteo (1:51:46 PM): ... I don't even know what -IT- IS! >^<+
XStrike8 (1:51:59 PM): See, now THAT I can help you with.
XStrike8 (1:52:13 PM): It's called a Horn.
XStrike8 (1:52:25 PM): *sage nod*
Besyanteo (1:52:44 PM): ... You put a horn one my head. ... And what was all that other shit! o^o;;
Besyanteo (1:52:46 PM): ?*
XStrike8 (1:53:01 PM): See, now THAT would spoil the surprise, wouldn't it?
XStrike8 (1:53:12 PM): Everyone likes surprises, right?
XStrike8 (1:53:18 PM): *poof*
Besyanteo (1:53:20 PM): ......
XStrike8 (1:53:23 PM): *poofs onto Jeridan's head*
XStrike8 (1:53:25 PM): See?
XStrike8 (1:53:30 PM): THAT was a surprise, right?
Besyanteo (1:53:31 PM): 9^9;;
XStrike8 (1:53:33 PM): 6.6
XStrike8 (1:53:43 PM): *poof*
XStrike8 (1:53:50 PM): *poofs into a corner, sitting down*
XStrike8 (1:54:12 PM): See? Refreshing.
XStrike8 (1:54:20 PM): Always good to have a change of scenery.
XStrike8 (1:54:22 PM): Change of guard.
XStrike8 (1:54:25 PM): Change of rules.
XStrike8 (1:54:27 PM): That kind of thing.
Besyanteo (1:54:29 PM): (after all the screaming, the members of the resistance force would be rushing into the room soon, ICly. .. unless Nakibe has them under somehting special to keep them sleeping)
XStrike8 (1:54:54 PM): Oh, and now that we're done, I'd advise you not start yelling again.
XStrike8 (1:55:01 PM): You'll disturb other people's sleep. *sage nod*
Besyanteo (1:55:02 PM): ::has never met a Mazoku, so is in the dark about them::
XStrike8 (1:55:15 PM): Granteed, you might find that APPEALING right about now.
XStrike8 (1:55:29 PM): I mean, usually when mortals wake up from sleep, they feel a bit hungry, right?
Besyanteo (1:55:46 PM): ...
Besyanteo (1:55:48 PM): uh?
XStrike8 (1:55:59 PM): ... see, that's probably not good. o.o
XStrike8 (1:56:05 PM): Because, you know, they'll come and stuff.
XStrike8 (1:56:16 PM): Oh, wait. I see now.
Besyanteo (1:56:23 PM): ... and that would be bad why? e^e
XStrike8 (1:56:24 PM): I haven't properly introduced myself.
XStrike8 (1:56:26 PM): *poof*
XStrike8 (1:56:37 PM): *poofs in front of Jeridan, holding out a hand*
XStrike8 (1:56:42 PM): Nakibe, God of Chaos.
Besyanteo (1:56:59 PM): ... ::confused enough to start to take it before recoiling:: WHA?
XStrike8 (1:57:00 PM): You seem fun, but we'll talk later, okay?
Besyanteo (1:57:06 PM): ....
Besyanteo (1:57:17 PM): Do I have a choice? <^>;;
XStrike8 (1:57:21 PM): And just tell Aya that you aren't any different aside from being a Mazoku. Otherwise you've got problems.
Besyanteo (1:57:29 PM): ........
XStrike8 (1:57:30 PM): Umm.. No. o.o But why should you?
XStrike8 (1:57:38 PM): Anyways...
XStrike8 (1:57:45 PM): *poof* T: Bai Bai. ^___^
XStrike8 (1:57:52 PM): T: Try not to get killed, k?
Besyanteo (1:57:57 PM): .... o^o;; ....
Besyanteo (1:58:15 PM): ::and Jeridan sits alone in the dark, THOROUGHLY confused::
XStrike8 (1:58:48 PM): (Confusion good, yes? >:3)
Besyanteo (1:59:07 PM): (jes. ::prepares to copy and board post for the reference of those in Griff's defense force::)
XStrike8 (1:59:22 PM): Invite them for me as well. >:3 1